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Your one stop destination for industrial plastic components manufactured in a variety of Thermoset or Thermoplastic materials to meet your demanding applications requirements.

Custom Components

From its early beginnings PMC has a history of manufacturing a wide variety of custom enclosures and components for a host of industrial applications. Products span from plastic cases for electrical components including commercial grade fuse holders to miniature case, terminal connectors and bobbins for electromagnetic applications. All this with the ability to manufacture in either Thermoset or Thermoplastic based on your specific application requirements.

Standard Enclosures

In addition to custom component manufacturing, PMC has also built up a large variety of standardized cases and matching lids targeted to satisfy a variety of needs in the electronics manufacturing industry. We have grouped our standard components by shape (ie: Circular, Square or Rectangular) and a detailed description can be found in our downloadable catalogue today. Check out our available assortment to see if we have the right case available to meet your needs.