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Dear Valued Customer,

With over 6o years of experience in manufacturing custom plastic components for a broad array of industries, PMC (Prescott Module Co. Ltd.) continues to follow our proven approach of providing high-quality products delivered with best-in-class service.

Our “Quality First” philosophy, is enabled by our “in house” end-to-end manufacturing process, combining in-process and end-of-line testing procedures to ensure we are delivering the highest product quality to you our valued customers.

We believe that our end-to-end manufacturing and QA process represents a critical asset in these days of frequent outsourcing. Having critical steps of the process in house (i.e.: initial design to final quality assurance testing) supports our high-quality standards, while also providing the added benefit of improved agility in response to our customer’s ever-changing needs.

PMC’s six decades of success is the result of our people. They are our greatest asset, and it is only through their dedication, creativity, and ingenuity that we have continued to thrive. We pride ourselves in leveraging the benefits of diversity and are committed to supporting those less fortunate in our community.

As we continue to strengthen our operation in the months and years ahead, we will build on our heritage of quality and service as we invest in new technologies, systems and capabilities to respond to the changing needs of you our valued customers. We look forward to an exciting future and we hope that you consider PMC first for all your custom precision molded plastic requirements.

Michael Feitt